Joseph E. Hack


I just wanted to share my special thanks to Dr. Howard Hack M.D. and his great staff members, who were assisting me on my scheduled "Colonoscopy Procedure" today! My family and I, are wishing everyone at "ADOBE GASTROENTEROLOGY, PC" a Very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday and a Wonderful New Year 2022!

Laura B.


I scheduled an appointment for a screening colonoscopy and couldn't be more pleased with the professionalism of Adobe Gastroenterology. The entire staff that I encountered; receptionists, nurses and doctors were kind and respectful and performed their roles in a very timely matter. Dr. Moussa was very informative and willing to answer any questions or concerns that I had. The quality of service and expertise definitely put my mind at ease. I am thankful for our medical professionals that play such a large role in keeping us healthy!

Richard Dynes


Colonoscopy is no fun, but they made the experience the best that it can be. I even went out for breakfast right afterwards! Thanks so much for not being like my previous Colonoscopy.

Re Take


Dr. Hack and his whole team - entirely dedicated to the purpose. Whatever your purpose is for being there, they dedicate themselves to that purpose, to you. Thank you for dedicating your time to me. Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure appointments were scheduled, phone calls were made, emails were sent. Most of all, thank you so showing up to your job. Thank you even more for actually doing it.

Sherry V.


I love the professional experience of this practice. From the front desk, insurance processors the med techs, nurses and the doctors, they are the best! Dr Moussa is friendly and it was nice to have a pleasant conversation as I was put to sleep! Everyone knows the prep isn't the most fun experience but the procedure is a piece of cake! Go schedule your colonoscopy as schedule it here! They are awesome!

Helene F. Atha


I had a procedure today, performed by Dr. Sam Moussa. I can only give rave reviews to the nurses who were beyond professional and so very gentle. Dr. Moussa did his second procedure on me. Both times I had excellent results and came home feeling well and happy. He is a master. Front office was prepared and handled my paper work with proficiency and kindness. Five Stars for this team. HS Atha

Rita McNeely


Thank you so much for your patience and kindness. Dr. Moussa is great.....but you gals ROCK!

Jesse Stengel


Dr. Sam Moussa and his team are excellent in the purest sense of the word. Not only are the kind, prompt, and professional, just as you would expect from good healthcare professionals, but they are extremely competent, the top of their field. I came in for a simple consultation on acid reflux. They could have easily just prescribed something and sent me on my way. Instead they ordered a series of tests to see what was going on and check for the cause or other related issues. There was nothing immediately apparent, but Dr. Moussa's trained eye saw something that others missed, and it turned out I have liver disease and it was not on a good trajectory. Under his guidance I have been able to turn things around and my liver has improved dramatically. He literally has saved my life by finding this before it could become a critical problem, with damage too great to correct. This level of expertise is truly the gold standard for care that all doctors should aspire to.

Charis Ober


Hi, I wanted to tell both Dr. Moussa and the staff at Adobe,(Egan and Cara) thank you so much. I had a wonderful experience. At first I was anxious and didn't know what to expect, but Both Egan and Cara made me feel at ease. The staff was kind and professional. I would definitely recommend Adobe to my friends. thank you so much, Charis Ober

Shari Lowell

2 weeks ago -

Not a procedure anyone looks forward to but my first time experience with my colonoscopy from start to finish was outstanding. All of the staff was professional and welcoming, they put my fears to ease. Dr. Sam Moussa expertise shined and .

More Not a procedure anyone looks forward to but my first time experience with my colonoscopy from start to finish was outstanding. All of the staff was professional and welcoming, they put my fears to ease. Dr. Sam Moussa expertise shined and I would highly recommend this office to anyone. Don't let fear shorten your life - call Adobe Gastroenterology and get your appointment set up.

Mr. Ed

4 weeks ago -

Excellent care received. Dr Moussa and his staff were very friendly and informative. They helped me feel very comfortable about the procedure I was having. Thank you.

Arleen Davis

18 hours ago-

I'm very please with the care I recently received from Dr Moussa and his staff. They have done everything in their power to ensure my comfort and dignity during a recent colonoscopy and also during previous treatments. I would definitely recommend their services.

Leslie DRsso

a month ago-

Been a patient of Dr. Kisso's for several months now. I am pleased with the service I have received. Quiet, but thorough and very quick to respond to concerns.


a month ago-

I have been a patient of Dr Moussa for over 20 years. He is an Outstanding Doctor. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful & he truly cares about his patient. I am very thankful that he is my Gastroenterologist. Thank you very much Dr Moussa!

Roger Cohn

a week ago-

I checked in, was prepped, had my procedure and was out in about 1 1/2 hours. Staff was very nice and comforting since I was a little nervous. Thanks

Rick Lougee

2 weeks ago-

I was most pleased with the procedure and found the Dr. and staff to be very accommodating and professional.

James callahan

a month ago-

I recently came to Adobe Gastroenterology to take part in a study on eosinophilic esophagitis. The good news was that I was too healthy to stay in the program. The bad news was that I was still suffering from the symptoms of EoE. Dr. Moussa met with me and told me he could work on fixing the symptoms of my condition. I scheduled another endoscopy and Dr. Moussa was able to perform a dilation of my esophagus to correct the narrowing that has occurred. I found the staff to be very well organized with an eye on patient care. Dr. Moussa was exceptional in answering my questions and concerns with the procedure while also offering suggestions to improve the future recovery from EoE. I highly recommend Dr. Moussa and his staff and am quite pleased with the attention to detail and service offered.

Rick ma

2 months ago-

I had to Find a new Dr. due to the fact my Gastro Dr. moved. I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Moussa. I had my procedure done at their facility, the staff were very professional as well as Dr. Moussa, he explained everything to me as to how the procedure would go and what he would be looking for. I'm glad I found such a great Dr. and look forward to continuing my care with him and his staff. Thank you. Richard Mayer

Jo Ann Schlott

8 months ago-

Dr. Moussa performed my 10-year colonoscopy. Considering the type of procedure, the whole experience couldn't have been better! Dr. Moussa is an expert at his job. His staff are all friendly and helpful. The surgery center is clean and well organized. I highly recommend Adobe Gastroenterology and Dr. Moussa!

Neil Rocker

a year ago-

This was not my first colonoscopy but it was by far the best one professional staff and a great doctor and for the first time it wasn't bad Experience I highly recommend them.

Tammie Brown

a year ago-

We are so grateful for the referral to see Dr. Moussa. From the moment we met him we knew we were in good hands. Dr. Moussa is very personable and caring. You are not just a number. He takes the time to explain everything to you. You never feel rushed. My husband has had two Ablation procedures of Barrett's Esophagus using the HALO System. Great staff as well. Highly recommend!

Nick V

a year ago-

I have a been a patient of Dr. Moussa for over 10 years and have been very pleased with his professional care and personal interest in my health and well being. He is genuinely interested in my overall health and is available when needed. Peace of mind!

Charles Fear

a year ago-

Attentive, courteous staff made this procedure (colonoscopy) as stress free as possible. Dr. Kisso made sure that he answered all questions and concerns I had prior to the procedure. Staff followed up afterwards to make sure I was doing well. I wouldn't go so far as to call the experience enjoyable, but it went as smoothly as possible. I will go to Adobe Gastroenterology my next time for this procedure.

Michael Martelle

a year ago-

Dr. Moussa is the best GI in Tucson, he is a thorough doctor with a friendly demeanor, happy to answer questions, and he stays up to date with the latest technologies. His support staff is excellent as well.