Flexible Sigmoidoscopy With Fleet Enemas


The day before your procedure, eat a light evening meal.

Take 2 Dulcolax laxative tablets the night before the procedure.

An hour before you leave for your procedure, take 3 fleet enemas, taking 1 every 10-15 minutes

Take your heart and blood pressure medications as usual the morning of your procedure.

Diabetic Patients: Avoid diet sodas and juices. Drink regular sodas and juices during the preparation for this procedure. You will need the extra calories. If you take oral medications for diabetes, take the oral medications in the morning the day prior to your procedure, then hold medications until after your procedure.

If you take insulin for diabetes, please make sure to monitor your glucose levels carefully. During the preparation, take half of the normal insulin dose. Do not take long-acting insulin the evening prior to your procedure. Check your glucose level the morning of your procedure. Hold insulin if level is low otherwise you may take half the regular insulin in the morning.

For questions regarding scheduling, procedure, or preparation, please feel free to contact us at (520) 721-2728 or via email at [email protected]